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Brimfield Police Chief David Oliver Suspended - 19 Action News|cleveland, Oh|news, Weather, Sports

WOIO logo Times like these allow friends to be recognized and those who intend visit site ill-will to stand out. Both are very visible now.Thanks for all of the messages, calls and texts. For those of you who intend ill-will; you will get no fight from me. I have no time for your nonsense. If you want to pick a fight, go elsewhere. You will be in the very capable hands of Captain Adkins for worldstarhiphop Kim Kardashian the next two weeks. I will be spending more time with the family and working the part-time radio job. Carry on...Chief Oliver. Copyright 2015 WOIO .
Source: http://www.19actionnews.com/story/27839528/brimfield-police-chief-david-oliver-suspended

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