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Flying With On An Air Force Thunderbirds' F-16 Fighter - Cnn.com

Lightly loaded, an F-16 fighter <a href=kim kardashian workout dvd jet can accelerate in a vertical climb. This climb came seconds after take off from Daytona Beach, Florida, right at the start of a demonstration flight kim kardashian father with the Air Force Thunderbirds.' style='float:left;padding:5px' /> As a member of the elite Thunderbirds, Major Fisher now narrates air shows and takes journalists and select celebrities on demonstration rides. Loops, rolls, and inverted flight show off the extraordinary capability of the pilot and of the plane, a two-seater version of the fighter jet Air Force aviators fly on the front lines of aerial warfare around the world. In the back seat, my ability to sit there and do nothing is put to a different test: Turns jostle my stomach, a spinning horizon disrupts my sense of balance, sharp acceleration weighs down my body. It turns out that the biggest physical challenge I face doing acrobatics in a fighter jet is not when the wings are perpendicular to the horizon or when I am upside down. It's when the plane accelerates into a turn and extra force multiplies the tug of gravity on my body. I can barely move. It takes the utmost concentration to breathe. In the same way that a fast lift in an elevator can press you into the floor, a fast acceleration or turn in a fighter jet can press you into your seat. At rest, the force of gravity you feel is measured as 1G.
Source: http://www.cnn.com/2014/11/07/travel/fly-with-air-force-thunderbirds/index.html

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